David Beckham to Develop Men's Grooming Line With Biotherm Homme

Posted on May 11, 2016

David Beckham shows in tattoos in Biotherm campaign

David Beckham is the first global ambassador for Biotherm Homme. Beckham will star in the brand's upcoming Aquapower campaign. He will also be developing a men's grooming line with the company.

Beckham says in a statement, "I'm excited to be working with Biotherm Homme. I've been thinking about developing a skincare range for a long time and it wasn't until I started speaking with Biotherm that it all came together. They are as ambitious as I am, and we look forward to showing everyone the fruits of our labor very soon."

David Beckham in Biotherm Aquapower campaign

Biotherm Homme is a French luxury skincare brand that was launched by Biotherm in 1985. It is part of the L'Oreal Luxe division. It has a range of over 80 skincare products.

Beckham talks about confidence in this introductory video from Biotherm. He says his skin is tough but slightly sensitive. Take a look:

Photo: Biotherm