Dell May Launch Smartphone Soon

Posted on January 30, 2009

Dell LogoThe Wall Street Journal reports that Dell is considering a move into smartphones. They are testing several different models says the WSJ including a touchscreen phone and a phone with a keyboard that slides out.
Dell is focusing on so-called smartphones, higher-end devices that include features like Web browsing and email. One model includes a touchscreen but no physical keyboard, like Apple Inc.'s iPhone. Another is a slider-style phone with a keypad and that slides from beneath the screen, one person familiar with the devices said.

Dell hasn't finalized its plans and may still abandon the effort, which would pit it against such powerhouses as Apple and Research In Motion Ltd. A Dell spokesman said the company hasn't disclosed plans to offer phones, adding: "We haven't committed to anything."

Dell has probed new markets since founder Michael Dell returned as chief executive in 2007, but it has moved cautiously in earlier situations.
The smartphone is a gadget the nearly everyone is going to own. The powerful devices are basically small computers so it seems a logical move for Dell. They will be a little late to the party but it's a party they must attend as a computer manufacturer. Some of the Dell cell phone rumors suggest Dell may create a device that uses Google's Android software.