Demand for Manuka Honey Strong in Britain

Posted on May 18, 2009

Marie Claire UK reports that British women are paying high prices for Manuka honey. British retailer Harvey Nichols sells Manuka honey for £55 pounds - $85 U.S. - for just a small pot. Manuka honey is made when honey bees are placed near Manuka bushes. It is said to have healing properties.
The first batch of 100 jars of the honey, which is said to have health-giving properties, sold out through Harvey Nichols at £55 for a small pot. Its benefits are said to include relief for gum disease, sore throats, acne, sun burn and digestive problems, according to the Guardian.

Women are keen consumers.
The Manuka honey that Harvey Nichols is selling is made locally - it is produced on the Tregothnan estate in Cornwall. The Honey New Zealand website also sells Manuka honey. Most Manuka honey comes from New Zealand where there are more Manuka bushes.
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