Dentists Not Smiling About Mall Teeth Whitening Salons

Posted on February 28, 2009

Teeth whitening salons are popping up at malls nationwide. The services are generally a lot cheaper than what dentist's offer. However, dentists are concerned that the unregulated procedures at mall teeth whitening kiosks and salons is not as safe. The concern is leading to new regulations in some states. A state proposal submitted in Missouri would regulate teeth whitening procedures but would not affect OTC whitening kits.

The ADA has a statement here about the safety and effectiveness of tooth whitening products, including OTC home-use products and professionally applied teeth whiteners.

Below is a clip from WECT in Wilmington, North Carolina where one of the teeth whitening salons has opened at the local mall, Independence Mall. The dentist in the video clip says the mall services use a one size fits all tray which could allow the teeth whitening product to get into areas of your teeth where you do not want it. This could make your teeth more sensitive. Take a look: