Desperate Housewives to End After 8th Season

Posted on August 7, 2011

Promo photo of cast of Desperate Housewives wearing red dresses

Desperate Housewives is finally coming to an end after the upcoming eighth season, which premieres on September 25, 2011. ABC said in a release that the last season is created in such a way that it will be accessible even to viewers who bailed out for the last few years and are wary of coming back. They won't be lost. That's good news, because we are those viewers. We watched for a number of years, until the whole "guy locked in the basement" storyline arrived. We pretty much bailed after that season.

Dedline reports that creator Marc Cherry said that the "mystery of what's going on in the final season harkens back to the first season [to] the roots of the Mary Alice mystery," which goes all the way back to season one. Now that we like. Okay, we'll tune in again. Mary Alice will also have a more prominent role this season. Plus, we love Vanessa Williams.

Photo: ABC