Devices Being Checked on Flights Bound for the U.S.

Posted on July 7, 2014

Travelers on flights bound for the United States are being asked to power-on their electronic devices as they go through security. Devices being checked include smartphones, tablets and laptops. If a traveler's device does not power-on they won't be able to take the device on the plane with them.

The TSA says in a short release that people carrying devices that do not power-on may have to undergo additional screening procedures. Consumers traveling back to the U.S. from overseas locatoins will want to make sure they have their devices fully charged before going through security or risk having their device confiscated.

The concern here is obviously that a terrorist is going to bring a bomb on board a plane that is disguised as a laptop or tablet. Terrorists have long wanted to explode a bomb on a plane for bound for the U.S. The idea has been around since the Ramzi Yousef's Bojinko plot of the 1990s. Some experts are concerned that Al Qaeda may attempt a terrorist attack because they are becoming overshadowed by ISIS, which has taken over parts of Iraq and Syria. The Daily Beast reports that the U.S. is on alert for such an attack.

The TSA does sometimes spot check devices in the U.S., but it has not been part of the regular procedures. If the TSA started requiring travelers to power-on devices in the U.S. during the upcoming holidays it would definitely slow things down for travelers. Take a look:

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