Dickey's Debuts New Bread Recipe

Posted on August 9, 2013

Dickeys Pulled Pork Sandwich

Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants are rolling out a new bread recipe. Dickey's says the new artisanal breads are "modeled after Dickey's signature rolls with a touch of Southern sweetness and fresh, simple ingredients." Dickey's is also adding new bread items, including handcrafted buns, hoagies and dinner rolls. The bread items are baked daily in Dickey's restaurants. A Dickey's Pulled Pork Sandwich is pictured above.

Jeff Forrester, vice president and executive chef for Dickey's, said in a statement, "Customers love our rolls because they have a touch of sweetness that pairs perfectly with our hot pit-smoked barbecue and tangy barbecue sauce. Now, all of our buns and hoagie rolls will have that same southern fresh bread recipe that I know our customers are going to love."

Photo: Dickey's Barbecue