Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy

Updated June 29, 2016, originally posted on October 7, 2013

Adipose stress toy

There is a very cute Adipose Stress Toy available. The squeezable toy is a licensed Doctor Who collectible. The little adipose creatures are made from human body fat. They are appear in the Doctor Who episode "Partners in Crime." It is one of our favorite Doctor Who episodes.

The cute toy can be found in many retailers. It was originally available in BBC's official Doctor Who Shop. The BBC says, "When you're stressed out, why not give your Adipose a big squeeze and feel your troubles float away. The Adipose will always bounce back to its original shape and don't worry, you won't hurt them when you squeeze them!"

The Adipose stress toy from Underground Toys is available Here is a video about the little Adipose creatures from Doctor Who. Take a look:

Photo: ThinkGeek

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