Doctors Warn of Hazards of Statement Earrings

Posted on February 3, 2009

We do love a great pair of statement earrings. But as soon as we put on pair this morning, we read the new doctors' warning about how bad they are for you. Sigh.
However, beware, heavy earrings don't just catch on your clothes, they can also result in torn or sagging earlobes. Consultant plastic surgeon James McDiarmid told The Telegraph: 'Women are being damaged by fashion earrings. Usually we can refreshen the edges and put them back together and repair the ear front and back.

'It is not just splitting. The lobes swell and they have lumps the size of a marble that look like dumb bells on either side of the lobe.' Determined to carry on wearing heavy baubles? There are preventative measures which can be taken, including the injection of Restylane more usually used for lip-plumping procedures into the earlobe.
Eeeewww, just eeeewww, is all we can say about ripped and torn earlobes. We certainly don't want to allocate our plastic surgery dollars to earlobe repair. And as far as Restylane injections, when we think about those it will be for our face not our earlobes. Of course there's an easier fix for this problem: just wear giant chandelier earrings that clip on. That way, if they get pulled, you're entire earlobe doesn't go with it.