Doritos Loaded Snacks Arrive at 7-Eleven

Posted on July 8, 2014

Doritos Loaded

7-Eleven is carrying a new Doritos food item called Doritos Loaded. The hot food product is sold only at 7-Eleven stores. It is a triangular-shaped snack with a Doritos flavored outside and a melted cheese interior. The concept is similar to mozzarella sticks or cheese sticks.

Doritos Loaded costs $1.99 for a box of four. They are meant to be eaten while the food is warm.

The new product is getting mixed reviews. Junk Food Guy tried the product in February and describes the cheese inside as a nacho cheese flavored filling. Today's writers enjoyed the snack and says the cheese filling is made with a blend of American, cheddar and Romano cheeses. The product might have worked better with a mozzarella filling.

A story advises consuming Doritos Loaded shortly after buying them - not after a 20 minute drive back to the office.

Photo: 7-Eleven