Drugstore Favorites: Maybelline Mascaras

Posted on March 26, 2007

Photo of Maybelline mascaras We go through mascara so fast around here that we never understand those women who want to know how many months/years they can safely keep one tube of mascara. Clearly, these women don't wear mascara every day, like we do. We just adore mascara. But we hate clumps. And we're actually not that keen on volumizing mascaras, either. They tend to goop up our lashes, in our experience. What we look for in a mascara is length and the ability to get every little, teeny, tiny lash perfectly coated.

Our current drugstore fave is Maybelline Lash Discovery, which has the best mascara brush ever. It's so thin and tiny, it will get even the teeniest lashes perfectly coated in mascara. This mascara works great and doesn't really start to flake off until many (like 8) hours later. That's assuming no rain, no allergies, and no crying, of course, all of which will make just about any mascara run down one's face like a river.

Last week, we picked up a neon-green tube of Maybelline's new mascara called Define-a-Lash. Define-a-Lash promises to be the Holy Grail of Mascaras, with a groovy new green rubber brush that is supposed to make your lashes super long, with no clumps. It retails for under $7 at any major drugstore or grocery store. We weren't too sure about the giant, hourglass shaped brush, but gamely gave it a try. And what do you know? It worked. We really liked it. It made our lashes super long (no volumizing here). The weird brush works to separate every lash. And it did a good job of reaching the outer corners of our eyes, which is nice. But what really surprised us is that it didn't clump or rub off in flakes at all. Even after a nap, our eyes looked good. No raccoon eyes.

"As the champions of mascara, we always try to find new ways to bring new benefits, in terms of ability, no clumping and super lengthening," said Cheryl Vitali, senior vice president of Maybelline New York-Garnier, a division of L'Oreal USA, according to Women's Wear Daily. It looks like Maybelline is in no imminent danger of having its mascara championship taken away.