Elizabeth Hurley's Pink and Orange Wedding

Posted on January 11, 2007

Elizabeth Hurley has some unique ideas that she's implementing for her upcoming wedding to Indian millionaire Arun Nayar. For one thing, all the women - including Victoria Beckham - must wear pink saris. To complement the pink, the male guests - including David Beckham and Elton John - must all wear orange turbans.

The Daily Mail reports that the instructions were sent in a detailed "orientation pack" sent out with the invitations. Guests are instructed to shop at a private wedding shop at the Hilton Towers Hotel in Mumbai.

This is the most complicated wedding ever. The wedding goes on for days, in India and in England, with dinners, luncheons and other events. The men must play cricket, and on the day of the wedding the groom and his friends engage in a traditional prewedding horse ride while wearing turbans and white kurtas. One hopes that the groom's friends are all polo players or athletes: because it's not just every guy that can sport a turban and kurta not make an ass of himself on a horse.

But back to the clothing requirements. Somehow we just can't imagine Victoria Beckham jetting off to India and not worrying about what to wear, simply trusting that a fabulous outfit will be found when she gets there. Because the whole concept of sartorially "winging it" at such a lavish wedding is just...wrong. So very wrong. No doubt Elton John is already having Stella McCartney or someone whip up a pink sari for his grand entrance. And don't even get us started on the whole pink and orange color scheme. Will Victoria Beckham really wear a pink sari? Has she ever even worn pink in her life? On the bright side, you could dress her husband David Beckham in orange from head to toe and he'd still look mighty fine. And no doubt he can play cricket with the best of them.