Elmo Defeats Crazed Attacker Using Aikido Moves

Posted on September 28, 2010

Do not mess with Elmo. In a guitar store in Winter Park, Florida, a children's performer kept his costume on to step into a nearby guitar store on a break. A man entered the store and began attacking customers, according to local police. Elmo fought back and used what sounds like aikido (using his opponent's force against him) to repel the attack and hurl the guy into a nearby display case. CNN reports:
"The man who was wearing the Elmo costume was already in the store when the suspect entered the store and was physically aggressive towards customers and staff," Winter Park police said in a statement. "The suspect in this case suffered broken fingers and was taken to the hospital where he would receive treatment for his injuries and undergo a mental evaluation. The man dressed as Elmo was the victim in this incident and was not injured."
In this video Elmo recreates the attack with the help of a CNN reporter:

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