Elmoji is a New WowWee Robotic Coding Toy Based on Elmo

Posted on February 20, 2017

Elmoji robot from WowWee

Elmo toys are among the most popular toys for young children. A robotic Elmo called Elmoji is on display at the 2017 Toy Fair in New York City. The new toy was developed by WowWee in collaboration with Sesame Workshop.

Elmoji is a robotic STEM toy. It is designed to help early readers and pre-readers build problem-solving and sequencing skills. Children can use a free app and a tablet to control Elmoji.

Robotics Trends reports that Elmoji is also known as the Elmoji Coding Robot. It is designed to teach young children basic programming skill through visual emojis. WowWee launched a similar coding robot last year called Coji.

Elmo's friendly face appears on the LCD screen on the robot's head. It has a red and black body with two arms and wheeled legs. The small robot can tilt and shake. It can also move using its large wheels. WowWee says Elmoji also plays "dynamic sounds and engaging animations on his LCD screen."

Elmoji will arrive in stores in the fourth quarter of this year in time for the holidays. It will retail for $49.99. Elmoji was first seen at the Consumer Electronics Show. This video from Dad Does provides an earlier look at Elmoji from January. Take a look:

Photo: WowWee