Elmo's Tickle Hands Debut at Toy Fair

Posted on February 16, 2009

Elmo Tickle HandsMattel's not coming out with a new Elmo doll this year. Instead they will be releasing Elmo Tickle Hands, which are red, furry interactive Elmo hands that children can wear. The hands vibrate and make giggling noises when they are touched to any surface. The hands will be less expensive than the Elmo dolls. They are expected to retail for $29.99. There will also be a dance the interactive hands can perform called the Tickle Hand Groove that won't be fully revealed until the release date in August, 2009. Elmo's Tickle Hands come with a DVD that describes the dance.

Here's a video of a Mattel representative describing the Elmo Tickle Hands toy at the New York Toy Fair.

Update 7-28-09: A song called the Tickle Hand Groove has been released.
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