Emily VanCamp Covers Hamptons Magazine in Sleeveless Black Dress

Posted on August 28, 2012

Emily VanCamp covers September 2012 issue of Hamptons Magazine

Emily VanCamp (Revenge) covers the September 2012 issue of Hamptons magazine. In the interview, Emily discusses the series, the hand-to-hand combat and dating her co-star, Josh Bowman.

On Keeping Revenge Plot Twists From Friends: "Everyone is indirectly trying to get secrets out of me. The thing is, we don't know a lot in advance. Often we're just as much in the dark."

On the Hand-to-Hand Combat: "Well, luckily I had ballet training. At the end of the day, a fight scene is choreography; we're developing the character as we go. I've definitely been thrown for a few loops - trying to memorize the Japanese. But that's what I love most about this character. This is a girl who has gone off and trained intensively for eight years. She's incredibly skilled."

On Dating Her Costar: "We don't really talk about our relationship. The show becomes about your personal life if you talk about it too much."

Hamptons Magazine calls Emily the "Queen of Revenge." You can see the photos from Emily's cover shoot here. She looks like a superhero in a cool Goa dress from Rag & Bone in the cover shoot.

Photo: Hamptons magazine