Emma Stone is Eep in The Croods

Posted on March 7, 2013

Emma Stone is Eep in The Croods

Emma Stone is the voice of Eep, a teenage cave girl, in the upcoming animated film from Dreamworks Animation. Eep's cute little sloth friend is named Belt. Eep is 19 summer old. She says she enjoys chasing mammoths and lying in the sun. Here is Eep's bio:
My name is Eep, and I'm 19 summers old. I like to run, jump, and chase mammoths. Any chance I get, I like to lie in the sun. I guess because my family and I live in a cave. We're the last cave in Crood Canyon... actually, we're the only cave in Crood Canyon. I don't get out much, probably because there's a lot of stuff outside that wants to eat us. All that time inside doesn't really interfere with my dating life because there aren't any boys to date. The last dateable one was eaten a few years ago. I can't complain though, because complaining hasn't been invented yet.
Nicolas Cage plays Crug, Eep's father and the head of the small cave family. In the film, the cave family embarks on an adventure of a lifetime as they venture away from their familiar cave surroundings.

Nicolas Cage is Grug in The Croods

Images: Dreamworks

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