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  • Report: 27% of Americans Plan to Spend Less This Holiday Season
    Rising prices and a lack of jobs appear to be wearing down consumers. (2011-09-13)

  • A&P Grocery Chain Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
    Financially troubled grocery chain A&P has filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition today. (2010-12-12)

  • Consumers Plan to Reduce Restaurant Spending in Months Ahead
    A new Harris Poll has bad news for restaurant owners. (2010-10-10)

  • Recession Was Longest Postwar Recession Ever
    The recession tecnically ended in June, 2009 according to the Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research. (2010-09-20)

  • NPD Group: Usage of Makeup Products Down 5% Since 2008
    A new report from the NPD Group shows that usage of makeup products among 18-64 year old women is down five percentage points in 2010, compared to 2008. (2010-08-18)

  • Consumer Spending Rose in March
    Consumer spending rose in March the most it has in five months, according to new reports. (2010-05-03)

  • AmEx Report: Sales Soared for Online Only Luxury Retailers in 2009
    The recession was a good thing for online only luxury retailers. (2010-04-24)

  • Consumers Pulling Back on Soda, Alcohol Purchases
    Bad news for beverage makers: a new report says that consumers plan on either cutting back or staying the same when it comes to purchasing soft drinks and alcohol in the year ahead. (2010-04-09)

  • GM Reports $4.3 Billion Loss
    General Motors has reported a whopping $4. (2010-04-07)

  • States Desperate for Revenues Want to Tax Services
    The New York Times reports that states desperate for revenue are looking to tax services including garbage pickup, dating services, bowling, haircuts, funerals, legal services, dry cleaning, accounting services and more. (2010-03-28)

  • Modern Amusement Closing Headquarters and Ceasing Operations
    WWD reports that the Modern Amusement fashion brand ceased operations last week. (2010-02-06)

    NRF Forecasts Valentine's Day Spending to be Similar to 2009
    According to NRF's 2010 Valentine's Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch, couples will spend less money on each other than last year. (2010-02-01)

  • Sales of Existing Homes Plunge in December
    Sales of existing homes slowed in December, much more than anticipated. (2010-01-25)

  • Don't Call it The Early Bird Special
    Remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry visits his parents at the retirement home in Florida? The one where they headed to the steakhouse at 4:30 p. (2010-01-09)

  • Strong Sales of Discounted Electronics Helping Some Retailers
    The Seattle Times reports that America's Research Group (ARG) analyst Britt Beemer is raising his holiday sales forecast thanks to strong sales of discounted electronics. (2009-12-14)

  • Consumer Spending Starting to Increase
    New figures from the Commerce Department show that retail spending is starting to pick up speed. (2009-12-11)

  • Talbots' New Owner Restructure Debt, Steers New Course
    Fashion retailer Talbots has a new owner which has already put into place an aggressive plan to retire old debt and increase liquidity. (2009-12-09)

  • British Retailers Refusing to Discount Before Christmas
    British retailers had to discount so heavily during last year's holiday season, they called it Armageddon. (2009-11-26)

  • Gap Inc Increases Profits by 25%
    The Wall Street Journal reports that Gap Inc. (2009-11-20)