Facebook Users Falling for Facebook Dislike Scam

Posted on August 16, 2010

Facebook Dislike ScamBBC News reports that thousands of Facebook users are being tricked by a scam that ask them to install a "dislike" button. Once Facebook user approve the malware app it starts posting spam message on their account. The app bills itself as the official dislike button, but Facebook does not have a dislike button - only a like button.
"One thing we commonly see is that the message starts 'OMG, shocking video'," he said.

"And they appear to come from your Facebook friend, giving it a ringing endorsement."
You can read more about the Dislike app scam here.

This is just one of many malware apps on Facebook. Another rogue app that people are downloading promises to show Facebook users an Anaconda vomiting up a hippo.
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