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  • Black Cole Haan x Rodarte Circle Bag
    This sleek black Circle Bag is one of the new arrivals from the Cole Haan x Rodarte collection. (2019-09-12)

  • CK Logo Ribbed Small Crossbody Bag
    The CK Logo Ribbed Small Crossbody Bag is a new arrival at Calvin Klein. (2019-09-07)

  • Rickey Thompson is Hilarious Pitchman for Alexander Wang She.e.o Bag
    Rickey Thompson is hilarious as the pitchman for the new Alexander Wag She.e.o Tote. (2019-08-27)

    Black Kenzo Klasp Crossbody Bag
    The Kenzo Klasp Crossbody Bag is a sleek new arrival from Kenzo. (2018-10-18)

    Loewe Elephant Bags and Coin Purses
    Loewe makes a unique elephant shaped bag. (2018-10-06)

    Sitting Scottish Fold Cosmetics Bag
    This cosmetics bag resembles a sitting Scottish Fold cat. (2018-09-30)

  • Selena Gomez Dances in New Coach Campaign
    Selena Gomez dances in the campaign for her Coach capsule collection. She wears a slip dress, bunny sweater and more. (2018-09-03)

  • Selena Gomez Face of New Coach Dreamer Bag
    Selena Gomez is the face of the Coach Dreamer bag. This is a new photograph from the Fall/Winter 2018 campaign. (2018-08-05)

  • Loungefly Launches Black Panther Crossbody Bag and Wallet
    Loungefly has launched a Black Panther crossbody bag and wallet. (2018-02-22)

  • Marc Jacobs New Logo Tote
    The Marc Jacobs New Logo Tote is available in four styles and features two zipped interior pockets. (2017-05-15)

  • Basketball Handbags by Andrea Bergart
    The Basketball Purse is a handbag made from a basketball. (2017-05-14)

  • Coach Mercer 24 Multi Floral-Print Leather Satchel
    This new Coach satchel features a multicolored floral print. It has gunmetal-tone hardware and multiple compartments. (2017-04-27)

  • Alicia Vikander Does The Twist in New Louis Vuitton Campaign
    Alicia Vikander does The Twist in a new campaign for Louis Vuitton. (2016-05-03)

    Cole Haan Launches Genevieve Collection for Fall 2015
    Cole Haan has announced the launch of its limited-edition Genevieve collection for Fall 2015. Prices range from $228 to $598. (2015-10-16)

    Alexa Chung Returns as Face of Longchamp's Fall 2014 Collection
    Alexa Chung is the face of the Longchamp Fall 2014 collection. (2014-06-23)

    Braccialini Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign Showcases Camaleonte Handbag
    The Braccialini Spring/Summer 2014 campaign showcases the new Camaleonte handbag, which resembles a chameleon. (2014-05-10)

    Alexa Chung is the Face of Longchamp Spring 2014 Campaign
    Alexa Chung is the face of the Longchamp Spring 2014 campaign. (2013-12-27)

    Jennifer Lawrence Returns as the Face of Miss Dior for Fall 2013 Campaign
    Jennifer Lawrence is the face of the Fall 2013 Miss Dior campaign. (2013-09-05)

    Coca Rocha is Extremely Tall in Longchamp Fall 2013 Campaign
    Supermodel Coca Rocha is as tall as building in the Longchamp Fall 2013 Campaign (2013-07-10)

    Versace Launches Barocco Animalier Beach Tote
    Versace launches the Barocco Animalier Beach Tote, which matches a bikini, sarong and kaftan from its latest beach collection. (2013-07-07)