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Hermes Not So Square Silk Scarves Campaign
Hermes has an entertaining new video campaign out for its colorful silk women's scarves. The scarves as used as kites, flags and more in the video. (2019-07-27)

Hermes Baobab Cat Scarf
The Hermes Baobab Cat Scarf has a design of a leopard inside a baobab flower. (2018-09-28)

  • Hermes Launches Twilly Fragrance
    Hermes has launched a fragrance called Twilly. It was inspired by its famous scarves. (2017-10-24)

  • Star Wars Opening Crawl Scarf
    Mighty Fine is created a couple of Star Wars opening crawl scarves for Episode V and VI (2017-06-16)

  • Saint Laurent Flame Scarf
    Saint Laurent has a Flame Scarf featuring red flames on a black wool scarf. (2017-06-15)

  • Hermes Launches Into the Canadian Wild Commemorative Scarf
    Hermes has launched a scarf celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary. (2017-06-13)

  • Hermes Partners With Ardmore for African Themed Scarves
    Hermes has partnered with Ardmore, a collection of Zulu, Zimbabwean and Sotho artisan potters, for a new line of African themed scarves. (2016-01-27)

    Britney Spears and Justin Bieber Model Alphabet Scarves for Charity
    Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and other celebrities are modeling Matalan alphabet scarves for the Alder Hey Children's Hospital Charity (2014-10-28)

    Rei Kawakubo Designs Silk Scarves for Hermes
    Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo has partnered with Hermes for a collection of silk scarves. (2013-01-19)

    Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves Available in New Colors for Fall 2012
    Alexander McQueen has new colors of its iconic skull scarves available for Fall/Winter 2012. (2012-08-18)

    Model Appears as Butterfly for Hermes Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign
    A model appears as a butterfly in this photograph from the Hermes Spring/Summer 2012 campaign. (2012-04-25)

    Carlisle Unveils Fall 2011-2012 Fabric of Hope Scarf
    The Carlisle Collection has unveiled its 2011-2012 Fabric of Hope scarf. (2011-09-14)

    Alexander McQueen Debuts New God Save McQueen Scarf
    Alexander McQueen has launched a new God Save McQueen scarf. (2011-06-10)

    Actress Kelly Rutherford Wears a Tupperware Scarf
    Actress Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl) sports a limited edition tupperware scarf in the photograph above. (2011-05-29)

    Kanye West, George Condo and M/M Paris Launch Silk Scarves
    Kanye West and M/M Paris have launched a collection of five silk scarves. (2011-05-08)

    Alexander McQueen's Limited Edition Savage Beauty Scarf Arrives in May
    Alexander McQueen is releasing this limited edition scarf to coincide with the launch of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met. (2011-04-18)

    Hermes to Launch I Love My Scarf Campaign
    Vogue UK reports that Hermes will soon be launching a campaign for its lovely scarves. (2010-07-24)

    Mia Jafari Launches Ladybirds Love Strawberry Cosmos Scarves Collection
    British designer Mia Jafari has launched a limited edition scarves collection called the Ladybirds Love Strawberry Cosmos collection. (2010-07-12)

    Fleece Necky Will Keep You Warmer Than a Scarf Claim Necky Manufacturers
    The Necky is a fleece bib-like thing that fits over your neck and upper chest. (2009-12-17)

    A Snood by Any Other Name
    The snood is back in a big way. (2009-11-15)