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Hermes Baobab Cat Scarf
The Hermes Baobab Cat Scarf has a design of a leopard inside a baobab flower. (2018-09-28)

  • Hermes Launches Twilly Fragrance
    Hermes has launched a fragrance called Twilly. It was inspired by its famous scarves. (2017-10-24)

  • Star Wars Opening Crawl Scarf
    Mighty Fine is created a couple of Star Wars opening crawl scarves for Episode V and VI (2017-06-16)

  • Saint Laurent Flame Scarf
    Saint Laurent has a Flame Scarf featuring red flames on a black wool scarf. (2017-06-15)

  • Hermes Launches Into the Canadian Wild Commemorative Scarf
    Hermes has launched a scarf celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary. (2017-06-13)

  • Hermes Partners With Ardmore for African Themed Scarves
    Hermes has partnered with Ardmore, a collection of Zulu, Zimbabwean and Sotho artisan potters, for a new line of African themed scarves. (2016-01-27)

    Britney Spears and Justin Bieber Model Alphabet Scarves for Charity
    Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and other celebrities are modeling Matalan alphabet scarves for the Alder Hey Children's Hospital Charity (2014-10-28)

    Carlisle Unveils Fall 2011-2012 Fabric of Hope Scarf
    The Carlisle Collection has unveiled its 2011-2012 Fabric of Hope scarf. (2011-09-14)

    Alexander McQueen Debuts New God Save McQueen Scarf
    Alexander McQueen has launched a new God Save McQueen scarf. (2011-06-10)

    Kanye West, George Condo and M/M Paris Launch Silk Scarves
    Kanye West and M/M Paris have launched a collection of five silk scarves. (2011-05-08)

    Alexander McQueen's Limited Edition Savage Beauty Scarf Arrives in May
    Alexander McQueen is releasing this limited edition scarf to coincide with the launch of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met. (2011-04-18)

    Mia Jafari Launches Ladybirds Love Strawberry Cosmos Scarves Collection
    British designer Mia Jafari has launched a limited edition scarves collection called the Ladybirds Love Strawberry Cosmos collection. (2010-07-12)

    Fleece Necky Will Keep You Warmer Than a Scarf Claim Necky Manufacturers
    The Necky is a fleece bib-like thing that fits over your neck and upper chest. (2009-12-17)

    A Snood by Any Other Name
    The snood is back in a big way. (2009-11-15)

    Alexander McQueen's Earth Skull Scarf Now Available
    The Alexander McQueen Earth skull scarf that we discussed earlier is now available. (2009-05-15)

    Isaac Mizrahi Designs Scarf and Tote Bag For New York Times
    Isaac Mizrahi has designed this brightly colored silk chiffon scarf and tote bag for the New York Times. (2009-03-15)

    Luxury Gifts For Her: Pucci Scarf
    Still can't figure out what to get the woman who has great taste but doesn't seem to really need anything? Well, here's a secret: you can never have too many fabulous silk scarves. (2005-12-20)

    Burberry Cashmere Muffler Scarves for Fall
    Temperatures are dropping fast, and we're never without our Burberry Cashmere Muffler. (2005-12-05)