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  • Selena Gomez Models Puma Cali Bold
    Selena Gomez continues her campaign with Puma. She is wearing the Puma Cali Bold sneakers in a new photoshoot taken near a pool. (2019-06-28)

  • Patrick Ewing Sneaker Inspired by Pickles
    A new sneaker from Patrick Ewing was inspired by Grillo's Pickles. (2019-03-28)

    Karl Lagerfeld Collaborates With Puma for Suede Sneakers
    These stylish seude sneakers are part of the Karl Lagerfeld and Puma collection. (2018-10-20)

    Selena Gomez Puma Defy Sneaker
    Selena Gomez collaborated with Puma for a special version of the Defy sneaker. (2018-10-13)

    Prada's Very Bright Cloudburst Sneakers
    Prada has line of fabric sneakers out called Prada Cloudburst. (2018-10-02)

  • Colorful Odissey Sandals and Sneakers from Valentino Garavani
    Valentino Garavani's Odissey line of sandals and sneakers feature bold designs and crystal elements. (2018-01-14)

  • Nike's $400 Air Max 97 LX Swarovski Sneaker Quickly Sold Out
    Nike quickly sold out of its 20th anniversary Air Max 97 LX Swarovski sneaker. It was listed for $400. (2017-09-29)

  • Dior Fusion Trainer With Metallic Floral Embroidery
    The new Dior trainers feature metallic floral embroidery on a black technical canvas. (2017-07-09)

  • Nike Launches Sequined Unicorn Themed Air Force 1 Sneakers
    Nike has launched a pair of sequined Air Force 1 high-top sneakers. (2017-07-06)

  • Big Baller Unveils ZO2 Shoe Line
    Big Baller has unveiled some very expensive basketball shoes called the ZO2. (2017-05-04)

  • Converse Launches All Star Modern Sneaker Collection
    Converse has launched its Converse All Star Modern Collection. It was inspired by the 1920 All Star. (2016-08-15)

    Drake Owns Solid Gold Air Jordan Sneakers
    Drake has a pair of solid gold Air Jordan sneakers. They reportedly weigh 100 pounds. (2016-08-07)

    Gucci Launches Ace Sneaker Capsule Collection
    Gucci has launched its Ace capsule sneaker collection. (2016-06-25)

    Nike Unveils Self Lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 Shoe
    Nike has unveiled its self lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 shoe. Nike calls the technology adaptive lacing. The sneakers are set for a 2016 holiday release. (2016-03-16)

    High School Sprinter Candace Hill Signs Ten Year Deal with ASICS
    Record setting high school sprinter Candace Hill has signed a multi-year deal with ASICS. The 10-year deal will run through 2025. (2016-03-07)

    Fila and Nickelodeon Launch Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles Adult Sneakers
    Fila and Nickelodeon have partnered for a limited-edition line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle adult sneakers. (2013-01-25)

    Pantofola d'Oro Italian Sneakers Arrive in U.S.
    Pantofola d'Oro, an Italian luxury sneaker brand, arrives in the U. (2012-05-09)

    Justin Bieber's Boyfriend Music Video Released
    Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" music video debuted on MTV and is now available on YouTube and Vevo. (2012-05-03)

    Nike Unveils Nike Zoom Superfly R4 Shoes
    Nike released these slick looking green sprinting shoes called the Nike Zoom Superfly R4. (2012-02-25)

    Nike's Jordan Brand Launches Air Jordan 2011
    Jordan Brand, a division of Nike, has unveiled the Air Jordan 2011, the 26th shoe in the franchise. (2011-01-26)