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Kooky Cat Umbrella From Lulu Guinness
Lulu Guinness carries a Kooky Cat Umbrella with stripes. (2016-09-02)

MoMA Starry Night and Sky Umbrellas
MoMA has two very cool umbrellas. They are the Starry Night Umbrella and the Sky Umbrella. (2016-08-19)

San Francisco Umbrella Company Makes Umbrellas With Animal Themes
The San Francisco Umbrella Company makes cute umbrellas with animal themes. The animals include dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits and more. (2016-08-14)

Hello Kitty Umbrella Has Cat Ears and Hello Kitty Handle
This cute white Hello Kitty umbrella has cat ears and a Hello Kitty handle. (2013-09-05)

Rainshader Umbrella Does Not Blow Inside Out During Strong Winds
The Rainshader umbrella was designed so that it does not blow inside out during strong winds. It was tested up to a Force 7 Gale. (2013-05-12)

Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella Resembles Space Helmet
Nubrella is a hands free umbrella that resembles a space helmet. (2012-04-14)

Goggles Umbrellas Contain Peek Holes
Have you ever wished you could peek through your umbrella? Now you can thanks to these unusual umbrellas. (2011-02-07)

MoMa's 24 Panel Color Wheel Umbrellas
This is the umbrella for you if you want to bring a little more color into the world. (2010-06-05)

  • Video: In Search of the Indestructible Umbrella
    Inexpensive umbrellas are everywhere. (2010-05-18)

  • EasyWalk Device Combines Umbrella and Flashlight
    The EasyWalk Flashlight Umbrella is what it sounds like it is. (2010-04-25)

    Fulton Umbrellas and Lulu Guinness Collaborate on Umbrella Collection
    Vogue UK reports that Fulton Umbrellas and Lulu Guinness have partnered for a new umbrella line. (2009-10-19)

    Twilight Umbrella Lights Up Rainy Nights With LEDs
    This line of twinkling umbrellas is called the Twilight Umbrellas. (2009-07-03)

    Squid London Umbrella Changes Color When It Gets Wet
    Squid London has developed a new umbrella that changes colors when it gets wet. (2009-06-28)

    Lands' End Launches New Rainwear Collection
    Lands' End is introducting a new rainwear collection with bright and calming hues to help protect against gloomy weather and downbeat financial forecasts. (2009-02-25)

    The Fantastic, Unbreakable Combat Umbrella
    This amazing Unbreakable Combat Umbrella can be used as a self-defense weapon. Watch it slice a watermelon. (2008-07-22)

    Adorable Kidorable Rain Gear For Children
    We absolutely adore the new Animal Rain Gear sold at the National Geographic online store. (2005-12-08)