FDA Proposes Major Changes to Food Labels

Posted on February 28, 2014

The FDA wants to change the labels on food. The FDA is proposing sweeping changes to food labels, with the full support of First Lady Michelle Obama and the White House. Food labels have not changed in 20 years and the FDA thinks they need a major upgrade.

So what's different on the new labels? For starters, all the calorie counts are going up, up, up. The calorie content has not changed, but the FDA thinks consumers are too stupid to do math to figure out how many calories are in an entire tub of ice cream or potato chips. The serving sizes will be increased to reflect how much people really eat at one sitting. The font will be bigger on the calorie count. The FDA wants to remove the information saying how many calories are from fat. Instead, labels will list how much sugar has been added. The new labels will also require the amounts of potassium and Vitamin D to be listed on the label. There will be a comment period and the rules probably won't be implemented for a couple of years. It is estimated to cost food producers $2 billion to make the label changes. The AP reports:

Here is an image of the proposed new food label:

New proposed Nutrition Facts label

Image: FDA