FineStationery Launches Mommy Calling Cards

Posted on September 20, 2008 has launched a line of "Mommy Calling Cards." The cards reflect that being a full-time mom is now serious business. calls is a "newer, more fashionable version of the traditional business card." The cute cards can include a phone number, email or website address. You can see the selection of cards here.

Karen Gilliland, Chief Marketing Officer for, explained the purpose of calling cards in a statement. She says, "Calling cards offer the modern mother a classic and classy way to present themselves to the world. At a time when parenting is focused upon encouraging children to embrace their individuality, these calling cards offer mothers a distinctive way in which to communicate their own individuality and personal style. With children soon returning to school, this is a perfect leave-behind for the busy mother who wants to schedule a play date, volunteer for the PTA or have a child's teacher reach them."
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