First Electric Taxi Cabs Unveiled in New York City

Posted on April 23, 2013

Nissan Electric Leaf Vehicle

Nissan and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a new electric vehicle taxi pilot yesterday with the Nissan Leaf electric car. The pilot program puts six electric taxis into operation starting this spring. The goal is to have electric vehicles consisting of one-third of the fleet of taxis in New York City by 2020.

Mayor Bloomberg said in a statement, "Even though the Taxi of Tomorrow won't be on the road for another six months, we're already looking ahead to the taxi of the day after tomorrow. Nissan's proven track record with electric vehicles will put us ahead of the curve in helping us answer important questions about incorporating electric taxis into the fleet so that we can achieve the goal of a one-third electric taxi fleet by 2020."

Nissan says the Leaf can be charged to 80% capacity in 30 minutes. The Leaf is being used for the pilot program. Taxi of Tomorrow is a different vehicle than the Leaf. Take a look:

Photo: Nissan North America