First Look: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

Posted on June 19, 2012

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent First Look

Here is the first look of Angelina Jolie as the evil fairy godmother in the upcoming Disney film Maleficent. The film tells the story of Sleeping Beauty from Maleficent's viewpoint. Cheek prosthetics were used to give Angelina's cheeks the unusual sharp edged look. The horns also match the look of the animated Disney sorceress, who is half dragon. Production on the Disney film has already started. MTV reports that the film about the iconic Disney villain has a targeted release date of March 14, 2014.

EW has an interview with Angelina about her role. She says of Maleficent, "I hope in the end you see a woman who is capable of being many things, and just because she protects herself and is aggressive, it doesn't mean she can't have other [warmer] qualities."

The film will tell the story of how Maleficient came to despise the kingdom and to curse Princess Aurora at her christening. Maleficent's curse is that on her 16th birthday Aurora will "prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die." Another fairy softened the curse so she just falls into an enchanted sleep.

Photo: Disney