First Look at Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

Posted on April 20, 2009

Photo of Russell Crowe

Here is the first look at a slimmed down Russell Crowe on the set of his new Robin Hood movie. Russell is wearing leather leggings and has a Caeser haircut. He's definitely back in fighting trim. Producer Brian Grazer discussed Robin Hood's tights with USA Today.

Grazer says, "He doesn't have the old Robin Hood tights. He's got armor. He's very medieval. He looks, if anything, more like he did in Gladiator than anything we're used to seeing with Robin Hood."

Grazer also says the film is a metaphor for today. He says, "He's trying to create equality in a world where there are a lot of injustices. He's a crusader for the people, trying to reclaim some of the ill-gotten gains of the wealthy. That's a universal theme."

It sounds quite interesting. We're definitely up for Russell Crowe as Robin Hood. Love the leather leggings. Cate Blanchett will make a perfect Maid Marion.

Photo: Universal Pictures