FoldiMate is a Robotic Laundry Folding Machine

Posted on June 10, 2016


FoldiMate has unveiled its robotic laundry folding machine. The company says its machine can fold most of your laundry, such as shirts, pants and towels. It cannot fold large linens or small items like socks.

The clothes are clipped onto the machine. Up to 15-20 items can be clipped onto the side of machine at a time depending on thickness. The machine then pulls the clothes inside one at a time to fold them. The company says the machine folds clothes like an expert. It is about as loud as a printer.

The company aims for FoldiMate to cost a little more than a washer or dryer. The target price is $700 to $850. PC Magazine reports that the company expects to start shipping the clothes folding robot by 2018.

The video for FoldiMate shows a family throwing clothes around and failing to get the laundry folded. A stack of clothes are placed on the FoldiMate which does the job for them. Take a look:

Photo: FoldiMate