Food Labeled as Organic is More Delicious

Posted on April 11, 2011

A new study found that food that was labeled organic actually tasted better to consumers who were asked to rate food's deliciousness and how healthy it was. In fact, all the food in the study was organic, but consumers were told that some was organic and some was conventionally grown.

Cornell University graduate student Jenny Wan-chen conducted her study at a mall and no doubt got an A on her paper. Jenny also discovered that what a food was labeled organic shoppers automatically assumed that it had fewer calories, more fiber and less fat than its conventionally produced counterparts. In other words, if cookies were labeled as "organic" people thought they tasted better and were better for them, nutritionally speaking.

Cookies that are made organically certainly are better for you because they aren't full of pesticides. But they may have just as many calories as regular cookies. That has led to some article headlines such as "Organic food makes you fat." The theory is that consumers will eat twice as many organic cookies than regular cookies because they are total idiots. We're not buying it. Now pass the organic chocolate chip cookies.
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