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Here are the latest posts about Cookies on Shoppers Shop:

  • Chips Ahoy Now Available in Cereal Form
    Post has launched its new Chips Ahoy cereal that resembles little chocolate chip cookies. (2018-02-20)

  • Pillow Pet Smells Like Chocolate Chip Cookies
    This Pillow Pet called Chocolate Chip Cookie Pup smells like chocolate chip cookies. (2017-08-04)

  • Plush Chocolate Chip Cookie for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
    Plush chocolate chip cookie from Squishable for National Chocolate Cookie Day. (2017-08-04)

  • Nyakers Gingersnap Tin is Full of Tasty Ginger Cookies
    Nyakers in Sweden makes tasty ginger snap cookies. They are sold in a colorful tin. (2017-07-07)

  • Earthenware Cookie Jar Resembles Delicious Red Apple
    This delicious looking red apple can store your tasty cookies. (2017-05-28)

  • Koala's March Cookies from Lotte
    Koala's March cookies have a crunchy biscuit shell and a creamy fondant inside. (2017-05-02)

  • Trader Joe's Launches Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit
    Trader Joe's has launched a kit fo rmaking cookies resembling Ugly Christmas sweaters. (2016-11-30)

    Girl Scouts Introduce New Girl Scout S'mores Cookies
    The Girl Scouts have introduced a new cookie flavor called Girl Scout S'mores. (2016-08-12)

    Nabisco Launches Choco Chip Flavored Oreos
    Nabisco has launched Choco Chip flavored Oreo cookies. They debuted at the Wonder Vault. (2016-07-16)

    Nabisco to Launch Strawberry Shortcake Oreo Flavor
    There is another limited edition Oreo flavor on the way. It is called Strawberry Shortcake Oreo. (2016-03-24)

    Hydrox Cookies Return After Seven Year Absence
    Hydrox cookies are returning to store shelves after a seven year absence. They are being made by Leaf Brands. (2015-10-05)

    Yankee Candle Launches Girl Scout Cookie Candles
    Yankee Candle has launched a line of candles that smell like Girl Scout cookies. (2015-01-21)

    Girl Scouts Go Digital for Cookie Sales
    This will be the first year you can buy Girl Scout cookies online. Digital Cookie has gone live, giving more access to Thin Mints and Samoas. (2014-12-01)

    Make Zombie Cookies for Halloween
    Zombie cookie kits and zombie shaped cookie cutters are available so you can make creepy zombie cookies for Halloween this year. (2014-10-12)

    Mrs. Fields Launches Angry Birds Cookie Cakes
    Mrs. Fields has partnered with Rovio Entertainment to offer Angry Birds-branded cookie boxes and cookie cakes. (2014-04-23)

    Papa John's Launches Mega Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Papa John's has launched a giant chocolate chip cookie. The family-sized cookie costs $5 with any pizza purchase. (2013-10-07)

    Cookies n' Creme Oreos Arrive on Store Shelves
    Cookies n' Creme Oreos have arrived on store shelves. They are Oreo cookies with a cookies and cream flavored filling in the middle. (2013-09-25)

    Pinkberry Launches Cookies & Cream Frozen Yogurt
    Pinkberry has added a new flavor of frozen yogurt called Cookies & Cream. It comes in three different types. (2013-05-03)

  • 13,000 Boxes of Fresh, Unsold Girl Scout Cookies Sent to a Landfill
    The New York Daily News reports on the shocking waste of more than 13,000 boxes of leftover, fresh Girl Scout cookies which didn't sell. (2013-02-16)

  • Bake Dinosaur Cookies With Dinosaur Cookie Cutters
    Firebox has 3D dinosaur cookie cutters available for pre-order. (2013-01-05)