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  • Oprah Winfrey Launches O, That's Good Comfort Food Brand
    Kraft Heinz and Oprah Winfrey Launch the O, That's Good line of refridgerated soups, pasta and sides. (2017-08-31)

  • Campbell Soup Company to Launch Spider-Man Themed Soup
    Campbell Soup Company will be launching Spider-Man themed soup this fall. The past will feature Spider-Man inspired shapes. (2016-05-23)

    Kettle Kups Adds French Onion Soup to Keurig K-Cup Soup Line
    Kettle Kups has added French Onion Soup to its line of Keurig soup offerings. (2016-02-19)

    Cute Soup Ladle Resembles the Loch Ness Monster
    Ototo has made a cute soup ladle that looks like a cute version of the Loch Ness monster. (2015-06-20)

    Campbell Soup Debuts Organic Soup Line
    Campbell Soup has launched an organic soup line called Campbell's Organic (2015-02-10)

    Andy Warhol Digital Art Recovered From Amiga Floppy Disks
    Some of Andy Warhol's digital art was recovered from Amiga floppy disks held by The Warhol's archives collection. (2014-04-24)

    Progresso Launches Artisan Soup Line
    Progresso has launched a line of Artisan Soups. These soups feature unique spice blends like Masala curry and coconut milk. They cost $2.99. (2013-10-06)

    Campbell Soup Company to Launch Soup K-Cups for Keurig Brewers
    The Campbell Soup Company plans to launch soup K-Cups for Keurig brewers. (2013-09-05)

    Clay Matthews Joins Campbell's Chunky Soup Campaign
    Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has joined the Campbell's Chunk Soup Mama's Boy campaign (2013-07-24)

    Campbell Soup Company Launches CheeseburgerOs
    Campbell Soup Company has announced the launch of CheeseburgerOs, a new addition to the SpaghettiOs line-up. (2013-07-16)

    Chick-fil-A Brings Back Chicken Tortilla Soup
    Chick-fil-A is bringing back its Chicken Tortilla Soup for a limited time. (2013-01-02)

    Campbell Soup Company Launches New Soups With Bold Flavors
    Campbell Soup Company has launched a new lineup of soup that it says provides bold flavors for diverse palates. (2012-09-14)

    Campbell Soup Company Adds Two New V8 Juice Varieties
    Campbell Soup Company is expanding its line of V8 100% vegetable juices. (2012-08-30)

    Chicken Soup for the Soul to Launch Food Line, Starting With Soup
    Chicken Soup for the Soul, a publisher of inspirational and wellness books, has announced plans to launch a line of comfort foods that will include chicken soup starting in 2013. (2012-08-23)

    Campbell Soup Company and Food Bank of South Jersey Launch Just Peachy Salsa
    Campbell Soup Company and the Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ) have launched Just Peachy, a salsa made from New Jersey peaches. (2012-08-03)

    Victor Cruz Joins Campbell's Mama's Boy Campaign
    New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is the new face of Campbell's Chunky Soup "Mama's Boy" ad campaign. (2012-06-19)

    Campbell Soup Company Launches V8 V-Fusion Sparkling Juice Drinks
    Campbell Soup Company has announced the launch of the V8 V-Fusion sparkling juice drinks. (2012-05-09)

    Campbell's Launches Slow Kettle Style Soups
    Campbell Soup Company has launched a line of premium soups called Campbell's Slow Kettle Style soups. (2011-09-29)