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Pool Float Tea Infuser Floats in Your Mug
Fred & Friends has a cute line of tea infusers that resemble popular pool floats. They come in unicorn, flamingo and swan styles. (2019-06-30)

  • English Tea Shop Advent Calendar Lets You Try Different Flavors
    The English Tea Shop Advent Calendar lets you try different flavors of tea. (2017-11-11)

  • Deep Tea Diver Dives In and Infuses Your Tea
    The Deep Tea Diver is ready to dive into your cup and infuse your tea. (2017-09-16)

  • Elephant Mug is a Top Homeware Product at Urban Outfitters
    The Elephant Mug is a top seller at Urban Outfitters. It has a compartment to hold your tea bag after steeping. (2017-08-28)

  • Renault Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Formula 1 With Yellow Teapot
    Renault has designed a teapot inspired by its 1977 RS01 race car. (2017-07-16)

  • Pique Tea Launches in Whole Foods Stores in Northern California
    Pique Tea has arrived in Whole Foods stores in Norther California. (2016-09-14)

    Captain America Teapot Features Superhero Design
    ThinkGeek has launched a Captain America Teapot that resembles the superhero's costume. (2016-08-25)

    Tea Turtle Infuser Can Perch on Your Mug
    The Tea Turtle Infuser can perch on your mug while making your tea. (2016-08-10)

    365 by Whole Foods Market Opens in Los Angeles
    A 365 by Whole Foods Market store has opened in the Los Angeles Silver Lake neighborhood. (2016-06-04)

    KitchenAid Unveils New Glass Tea Kettle
    KitchenAid has unveiled a new glass tea kettle that its says makes it easy to master a perfect cup of tea. (2016-03-08)

    Salada Launches New Line of Organic Herbal Teas
    Salada has announced a new line of organic herbal teas. Steffi Graf is pictured with the tea in the new campaign. (2015-09-26)

    Steaz Introduces Four New Iced Green Tea Flavors
    Steaz has added four new flavors to its line of organic iced green tea beverages. (2015-03-05)

    Prince George is Walking for Photo Commemorating His First Birthday
    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released an official portrait of Prince George to celebrate his impending first birthday. He's wearing Petit Bateau for his walkabout. (2014-07-19)

    Starbucks Launches Fizzio Sodas and Shaken Iced Teas
    Starbucks has launched two new types of beverages: Fizzio sodas and Teavana Shaken Iced Teas. (2014-06-24)

    Doxa Creates Official Timepiece for Fabien Cousteau's 31-Day Underwater Mission
    Doxa created the official timepiece for Fabien Cousteau's 31-day underwater mission, Mission 31 at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (2014-06-10)

  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Have Lunch With Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti
    Kim Kardashian wears Valentino butterfly gown for pre-wedding lunch hosted by the designer at his country home, Chateau de Wideville, (2014-05-23)

  • Opening Ceremony Launches Mickey Mouse Collection Featuring Steamboat Willie
    Opening Ceremony has launched a Mickey Mouse collection featuring Steamboat Willie. (2014-05-07)

    Miranda Kerr Designs Teacups and Saucers for Royal Albert
    Miranda Kerr has partnered with Royal Albert for a set of teacups and saucers. (2014-05-03)

    Oprah Chai Tea Arrives at Starbucks and Teavana Stores
    Oprah Chai Tea has arrived a Starbucks and Teavana stores. (2014-04-29)

    April Fool's: Cheetos Launches Cheeteau Fragrance
    Cheetos has announced the launch of its new Cheeteau fragrance for April Fool's Day 2014. (2014-04-01)