Funny or Die: Downton Abbey's Lady Mary is a Tough Detective in TNT's New Cop Drama

Posted on January 4, 2014

Michelle Dockery is best known for playing Lady Mary on Downton Abbey, but she has other career aspirations. In this hilarious Funny or Die video she and Michael Chiklis star in the new (non-existent) TNT cop drama Tough Justice. The show is narrated by Jon Hamm. Michelle plays Connie Tough, a detective who is a streetwise badass...well, when she isn't reverting to being Lady Mary Crowley. When she and her partner (Chiklis) are called to the scene of a dead domestic she solves the case immediately, "They will have to get another maid...CASE CLOSED." Another great line: "Oh, and please tell Carson to bring the squad car around." Michelle's American accent is flawless, by the way. Take a look: