Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez End up at ER After Thanksgiving Brawl At Halle Berry's House

Posted on November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day at Halle Berry's house was pretty much a complete disaster. According to People, Gabriel Aubry was dropping off he and Halley's daughter Nahla for a Thanksgiving visit with her mom and her fiance, Olivier Martinez. Olivier pulled Gabriel aside and said he wanted to talk to him. No one knows what Olivier said, but a judge just ruled against Halle saying she can't take Nahla to live in France with Olivier, because it would essentially remove her father Gabriel from her life.

The discussion turned into a full on row, with both men yelling in French. They got into fist fight and it sounds like Olivier threw the punches -- he reportedly has a broken hand. Reports say Gabriel has a concussion, was unconscious at the scene, has a busted up face, a broken rib and possible internal injuries. He was taken to the ER. After being released from the hospital, Aubrey was booked for a "private persons arrest for battery" according to the LAPD Media Relations and Community Affairs Group. Bail is set at $20,000.

Naturally, Halle speed dialed her attorney and got an emergency restraining order against Gabriel -- he has to stay 100 feet away from Halle, Olivier and his daughter Nahla. This is really one of the worst custody battles we've seen in a while. It's interesting that Halle keeps making wild charges against Gabriel, and the judge keeps ruling against her. She clearly wants to cut him out of his daughter's life entirely, which is just sad. He seems like a good father. He should press charges against Olivier for assault and battery -- Olivier has the broken hand, so clearly he threw the punch that knocked Gabriel out. Yet he's the one that gets arrested.