Gap Selling Feed USA Denim Bags

Posted on August 23, 2010

GAP Feed

Gap has partnered with Feed USA to sell Feed USA Denim Bags. Each bag sold includes a $5 donation to improve school food and nutrition education in America. All the Rage reports that three denim bags will be sold in Gap stores beginning in September. They will include a cream-colored canvas bag with red-and-blue lettering ($29.50) and two blue denim bags (one with lettering and one with a painted outline of the U.S.) for $39.50. You can also find information about the Feed bags here.

Each school has different challenges to make their school food healthier. Feed USA's solution is a web-based platform in partnership with After purchasing your Feed USA Bag you can use the 8-digit code provided on the hang tag and visit the Feed Foundation to choose which school food improvement you want to fund.