Gary Oldman Apologizes Profusely on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Posted on June 26, 2014

Gary Oldman was supposed to be starting off the publicity tour for the summer blockbuster Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. But in a lengthy print interview he brought up the subject of hypocrisy and political correctness. Oldman brought up Mel Gibson and the interviewer asked him what he thought about how his career has been going. Oldman replied that Mel's career suffered after his alcohol-fueled anti-Semitic ravings because Hollywood "is run by Jews." And it got much worse after that.

He complained how Jon Stewart and Bill Maher could call Nancy Pelosi a very offensive word because they are comedians, but no one else could. And he defended Alec Baldwin for calling a photographer a homophobic slur. He realized how bad it sounded in the interview and asked the reporter to cut that part because it made him sound like a bigot, but -- surprise surprise -- the reporter left it in. He wrote a long open letter to the Anti-defamation league, which promptly rejected his apology. He then went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to apologize directly to his fans and all the people he offended. He appeared visibly upset.

Oldman said of the interview, "I said some things that were poorly considered. Once I had seen it in print I could see that it was offensive, insensitive, pernicious and ill informed. Words have meaning, they carry weight long after you've said them, and I don't condone or excuse the words I used in any context. I just basically shouldn't have used them in any context. I have deeply injured and wounded great many people."

Oldman said that he felt he had let his fans down and that as a public figure he should be someone that's a role model. He explained, "I'm a public figure. I should be an example and an inspiration, and I'm an A-hole. I'm 56. I should know better." It was painful to watch, frankly, as he teared up. He also criticized himself for opining on non-movie issues. Jimmy noted he was just glad it wasn't him having to apologize again for doing something stupid. Take a look:

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