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Here are the latest posts about Gift Cards on Shoppers Shop:

  • Some Target Gift Cards Were Not Fully Activated
    Target has admitted that some of its gift card were not fully activated. (2014-01-01)

  • Target Announces Wow Line of Holiday Gift Cards
    Target has announced a new line of gift cards for the holidays called Wow! gift cards. (2012-11-04)

    Macy's and Earthworks Recycle Gift Cards
    Earthworks has partnered with Macy's Inc. (2011-12-20)

  • Retailers Lure Consumers With Gas Deals
    The New York Times reports that retailers are turning to gas coupons and gas cards to lure consumers into stores. (2011-07-05)

  • Walmart, Best Buy to Sell Facebook Credits
    Facebook Credits have been sold at Target in the form of gift cards since September. (2010-10-26)

  • Rebecca Jarvis Shares New Gift Card Details
    CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis talked with Maggie Rodriguez on the CBS Early Show about some of the changes with gift cards this holiday season. (2010-10-19)

  • Target to Start Selling Facebook Credit Gift Cards
    Target is the first brick-and-mortar retailer to carry new Facebook Credit gift cards. (2010-09-01)

    Home Depot's Augmented Reality Gift Cards
    Home Depot added augmented reality gift cards at end of last year. (2010-08-21)

  • New Gift Card Rules Go Into Effect Sunday, August 22nd
    New federal rules for gift cards begin this Sunday, August 22nd. (2010-08-20)

  • Target Launches Mobile Gift Cards
    Target shoppers no longer have to carry their Target gift cards in order to redeem them. (2010-02-08)

  • Federal Reserve Announces New Gift Card Rules
    The Wall Street Journal reports that the Federal Reserve Board has announced proposed rules to limit gift card fees and expiration dates. (2009-11-16)

  • Saks Offering Gift Cards to Shoppers Spending $250 or More on October 22nd
    Saks Fifth Avenue is running a promotion called Spend$ome Get$ome that allows customers to earn a gift card for spending a certain amount of Saks stores. (2009-10-21)

  • Retailers to Lure Consumers With Gift Card Offers
    The Wall Street Journal reports that retailers are trying to use gift card offers to lure consumers into stores. (2009-10-14)

  • Websites Let You Buy, Trade and Sell Gift Cards
    Sometimes you get stuck with a gift card for a store you don't use or isn't located nearby. (2009-02-04)

  • Hhgregg Makes Offer to Consumers With Circuit City Gift Cards
    Appliance and electronics retailer hhgregg is offering a way out for people stuck with Circuit City gift cards but their local Circuit City store has closed. (2009-01-28)

  • Circuit City's Going-Out-of-Business Sales Begin Today. Customers Can Use Gift Cards
    Circuit City begins its going-out-of-business sales today. (2009-01-17)

  • Toys R' Us Wants Your Unused KB Toys Gift Cards
    Toys R' Us has an offer for you if you still have a KB Toys gift card you were unable to use. (2009-01-14)

  • KB Toys Will No Longer Accept Gift Cards After January 11th
    Spend your KB Toys gift cards quickly. (2009-01-08)

  • Don't Wait Too Long to Use Your Gift Cards
    Lots of people receive gift cards and don't use them right away. (2008-12-27)

  • About Half of Consumers Haven't Finished Holiday Shopping
    47% of consumers have not yet finished their holiday shopping according to a study from BIGresearch, reports CNN. (2008-12-16)