Glass-Bottom Pool on 40th Floor of Houston Apartment Complex Offers Breathtaking View

Posted on April 11, 2017

Looking down from glass bottom pool at Market Square Tower in Houston

A glass-bottom pool is located 500 feet above the ground in a luxury apartment complex in Houston, Texas. The pool at Market Square Tower offers a breathtaking view for those brave enough to venture out into the pool. The image above shows what it is like to stand in the pool and look down through the clear glass beneath your feet.

CNN reports that the pool has an 8-inch thick plexiglass bottom. The pool sticks out ten feet from the side of the building. It is part of a wraparound rooftop terrace designed by Houston's Jackson & Ryan Architects.

This Instagram post shows you what it looks like to look up at the pool from below.

Would you swim in an infinity pool like this? Freaky!!! #downtownhouston #marketsquare #infinitypool #skyrise

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Another Instagram user shared an image of what the entire pool looks like. Just a segment of it extends over the edge of the building.

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Here is a video of the glass-bottom pool. Take a look:

Image: Market Square Tower