GlowCaps are Internet Connected Pill Bottle Caps

Posted on January 23, 2011

Vitality GlowCaps

GlowCaps, which fit on regular prescription bottles, are designed to help people remember to take their medication. Each GlowCap contains a wireless chip. GlowCaps use light and sound to signal when it is time to take a pill. GlowCaps also sense when the bottle is opened and wirelessly relay their status to Vitality's network. If the bottle is not opened two hours after a scheduled dose, the user is automatically reminded with a telephone call that it is time to take a pill. GlowCaps can also call with refill reminders.

Here is a video that explains how GlowCaps work. Obviously, there would still be problems with this system for dementia patients, but it could help non-dementia patients remember that they need to take a pill. Take a look:

Photo: Vitality