GM and Segway Launch Two-Wheeled City Vehicle

Posted on April 7, 2009

CrunchGear reports that General Motors and Segway have teamed up for a new two-wheeled city vehicle called Project PUMA. PUMA stands for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility. Puma, the shoe company might want to send its Mancat after GM and Segway for naming it that. The two-wheeled city vehicle is capable of reaching speeds up to 35 miles per hour. CrunchGear says the PUMA can go 35 miles on a single charge at a cost of 35 cents per charge.

A USA Today story about the vehicle says the partnership between GM and Segway began 18 months ago, but it will be years before the PUMA gets to market. Chris Borroni-Bird, director of the project for GM, told USA Today, "It's not going on sale anytime soon."

Here's a video of CrunchGear taking the PUMA for a test drive.