Godiva Celebrates 90th Anniversary With Limited Edition Gold Anniversary Collection

Posted on April 10, 2016

Godiva 90th anniversary box designed by Oli-B

Godiva has launched its limited edition gold anniversary collection celebrating its 90th anniversary. The collection features packaging designed by artist Oli-B. The Belgian artist created a tableau of vibrant colors that captures the energy of fireworks for the special anniversary gold box.

The collection features eight of Godiva's most iconic chocolates. There is also a new Egérie Noir, which is a smooth raspberry ganache balanced with essence of rose petals and encased in rich, dark Belgian chocolate. Additional chocolates available in the US for the first time include the Noblesse (1959) and Nippon (1972). The collection will also include a limited edition truffle box that will be released in September.

Oli-B says in a statement, "It has been a pleasure and a great challenge to introduce my art to Godiva's iconic aesthetic. My inspiration across our entire collaboration was joy and celebration – and nothing encompasses that better than the colorful, energetic firework!"

The limited edition Gold Anniversary Collection is available in U.S. stores and godiva.com in boxes of 9 ($20) and 18 pieces ($36).

Photo: Godiva