Godiva's 2016 Easter Gifts Include Gund Easter Bunny and Beaded Easter Egg

Posted on March 12, 2016

Godiva Gund 2016 Easter Bunny

Godiva has multiple gift offerings for Easter 2016. Some of the highlights include a plush 2016 Gund Easter bunny and a Beaded Easter Egg.

Godiva partnered with plush toy manufacturer Gund and is offering the 2016 Gund Easter bunny with foil-wrapped chocolate eggs for $25. The bunny has "Godiva 2016" on its left foot. The plush bunny is also available in gift sets, such as the Bunny Delights Basket, which also includes chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and more.

Godiva is also offering the Beaded Egg (pictured below) which is about 5-inches tall and features a flower design. There are 12 foil-wrapped Easter eggs inside the Beaded Egg. It retails for $32.

Godiva Beaded Egg

Some of Godiva's other Easter offerings for 2016 include foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies, foil-wrapped Easter eggs, chocolate gift boxes, chocolate truffles and more. Godiva also offers different gift baskets that contain a variety of the above mentioned treats. One of them is the Easter Luxuries Basket (pictured below). This impressive Easter basket retails for $125 and is bursting with Godiva Easter goodies. You can find all the 2016 Easter items here on godiva.com.

Godiva Easter luxuries basket

Photos: Godiva