Google Deletes Google Glass Social Media Accounts

Posted on January 28, 2016

Stylish version of Google Glass

Google has deleted its Google Glass social media accounts. The removal is another sign that the consumer end of Google Glass is closing. You wont find the @googleglass on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram anymore. The Google+ page still exists but most of the content has been erased.

The photograph above shows one of the more stylish versions of Google Glass. These were developed through a partnership with Diane von Furstenberg.

The expensive $1,500 eyewear did not take off with the public. There were also many privacy and security concerns and some establishments were considering banning the eyewear. Google stopped selling the eyewear online in January 2015.

Gizmodo reports Google is still developing a workplace version of Google Glass called Enterprise Edition. Hopes for a return of a consumer model seem unlikely now that Google has axed its social media accounts. Apple never seemed interested in launching smart eyewear. They probably tested devices but decided to go with the smart watch instead.

Google had once cut a deal with Luxottica for consumer Google Glass eyewear. Chain Store Age reports that this deal has ended. Luxoticca has founded a new partner with Intel. Together they are developing special smart glasses for athletes. Smart eyewear is certainly not dead. If it takes off with athletes it could eventually return as a mainstream consumer product.

Photo: Google