Gwen Stefani Covers InStyle UK

Posted on June 5, 2010

Gwen Stefani InStyle UK

Singer and designer Gwen Stefani covers the July 2010 issue of InStyle UK. In the interview, Gwen talks to InStyle UK about fashion, being a mom, performing live, red lipstick and staying fit.

On Fashion Obsession: "It's been the same my whole life. I made so many clothes growing up and I used to do my own costumes. Like, in college - we'd have a concert coming up and all I would do was daydream about what I was going to make. It's the same now. Fashion gets me so excited."

On Performing Live: "I love it. It is so awesome. I love getting ready and getting in costume, then performing and being physical. If you don't play live concerts, nothing feels real. It's just a song on the radio that you hear when you're driving and it doesn't affect you. But when you walk out on stage and there are people who actually spent their money to buy a ticket and they're singing the songs, it's suddenly mind-blowing."

On Red Lipstick: "I wear it all the time! I wear pink, I wear gloss, I wear everything, but my husband prefers when I wear red, so I want him to like me still! I remember the first time I ever wore dark lipstick. I was maybe 18 and I can remember the moment I put it on - in my Honda Prelude that I bought for like, $3,000 - and looking in the mirror going, 'Good, I like that'. Never again did I stop wearing it."