Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy Fallon Taste Test Her New Moisturizer

Posted on March 8, 2016

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy Fallon eat Goop skincare

Gwyneth Paltrow was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about her new Goop beauty line, in connection with Juice Beauty. Gwyneth looked fabulous in a white knit dress which featured cut pom poms on the string belt. Gwyneth told Jimmy that she worked with Juice Beauty for "13 months non-stop, back and forth with the chemists." ” He asked her what prompted her to start her own beauty line.

Gwyneth replied, "I couldn’t find products that were luxurious and really effective and helped with you know wrinkles and all that, that were I’m very into healthy food and wellness and I think this is an extension of trying to eat well." He asked if guys could use it and she agreed that it was "for anyone with skin."

She talked about the preservatives used in the products explaining, "All the preservatives are food-grade preservatives, organic food-grade...So you could eat it technically if you wanted to." At that point Jimmy whipped out some McDonald's french fries and dipped it into the night cream and ate it. Gwyneth also took a fry and dipped it in the moisturizer and ate it. Jimmy's verdict: "Not bad, not bad! Better on your face probably." Gwyneth gave her verdict of the taste, "Somewhere between ranch and bath soap." The products have "a little clean fragrance," but are not too scented.

The products are available to purchase on Gwyneth's website, Goop. The line has launched with six products, including a cleanser, an exfoliating facial, a face oil, a day moisturizer, an eye cream and a night cream. French fries sold separately. Take a look:

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC