Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon Make Like a Human Hamster Toy

Posted on July 9, 2014

Halle Berry rolls with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

No one can get celebrities to do crazier things than Jimmy Fallon can. He's even gotten Tom Cruise to get sprayed by water and crack raw eggs on his head. But this latest stunt -- and it literally was a stunt -- with Halle Berry has to win the prize.

Halle was a guest on The Tonight Show to promote her new CBS show Extant which premieres tonight. She plays an astronaut who comes back to Earth with a surprise visitor: she's going to have a baby.

She chatted with Jimmy about the new show then kicked off her shoes for a new segment Jimmy calls "This is How We Roll" although on Twitter he called it "#ThisIsHalleRoll." He and Halle made like a human hamster toy and literally rolled down a gym mat together. Halle was wearing a very tight, gorgeous black and white dress by Astars for the stunt. She stood over him as he lay on the floor and then it got really weird. Jimmy held onto her ankles, she grabbed Jimmy's ankles and then dove forward propelling them down the mat in a series of well-executed forward rolls. It kind of fell apart at the last roll, though.

Before they began Jimmy promised not to look, as he had quite the amazing view although he did later admit that he did peek after Halle wanted to know why he wouldn't look. Surely they practiced this beforehand? Halle is in amazing shape and is quite strong. It's hilarious and really unexpected. Take a look:

Photo: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC