Hallmark and Funny or Die Launch Shoebox Greeting Card Collection

Posted on May 11, 2017

Hallmark Shoebox Funny or Die greeting card

Hallmark's Shoebox brand has collaborated with Funny or Die on a new greeting card line. The collection began with 24 black and white humorous cards. It was reduced to 12 after an online vote.

The front side of the above card says, "To get this card for you, I had to leave the house and interact with other humans." The reverse side says, "You're one of the few people who's worth all that."

There were 24 cards originally created. 12 remain after voters killed a dozen off. You can view the cards on the Funny or Die website here. The cards will be available for purchase at select Hallmark retailers in August 2017.

Dan Abramson, Editor-In-Chief of Funny Or Die, says in a statement, "There's no guarantee that the internet will be around in 10 years. Greeting Cards, however, are the only time-tested form of comedy. It's about time we got in the game."

Photo: Hallmark