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Halloween Costumes make Halloween a lot of fun for both children and adults. Here you will find our coverage of great Halloween costumes, including costume trends, popular costumes and costumes worn by celebrities.

  • Halloween Face Shirts by Simic
    Simic makes a line of Halloween tees that make for a quick Halloween costume. (2019-10-13)

  • Colorful Troll Wigs for Halloween
    You can become a troll for Halloween with this colorful Troll Wig from the Costume Dept. (2019-10-13)

  • Jewelled Skeleton Leggings for Halloween
    These Jewelled Skeleton Leggings from ASOS Design feature an elastic wasitband and body-conscious fit. (2019-10-11)

  • Creepy Halloween LED Costume Mask
    Here's a fun, creepy Halloween mask. (2019-10-11)

  • Bone Idol Halloween Shirts and Pillows
    Bone Idol is a Threadless design by Stuart Colebrook. (2019-09-26)

  • Giant Unicorn Head Mask for Halloween
    This giant unicorn head mask could be the base of an exciting Halloween costume. (2019-09-02)

    Spider Web Poncho for Halloween
    This Spider Web Poncho from Grandin Road would make a fun Halloween costume. (2018-10-18)

    Wacky Dancers Arm Flailing Tube Halloween Costumes
    The costumes from Wacky Dancers resemble the tube man or flailing air dancers seen at auto dealerships. (2018-10-17)

    Shark Attack Pet Costume for Dogs
    This dog appears to be in serious trouble. (2018-10-16)

    Woodland Masks for a Halloween Costume
    These unique Woodland Masks from Grandin Road would make for an interesting Halloween costume. (2018-10-13)

    Cute Hamster Mermaid Costume for Halloween
    Dress up your little hamster friend as a mermaid for Halloween with the Thrills & Chills Mermaid Costume. (2018-10-11)

    Lego Guy Costume for Halloween
    Diguise has new Lego costumes out for Halloween 2018. (2018-10-08)

    Superhero Costumes Knock Princess Costumes From Number One Spot
    Action/superhero costumes are now the top costume choice in the nation. Princess costumes were number one for 11 straight years. (2016-10-26)

    Witches, Pirates and Politicians Top Adult Costumes Choices for Halloween 2016
    Witches, pirates and politics are the top adult costume choices for Halloween 2016 according to an NRF study. (2016-10-26)

    Glow-in-the-Dark Finger Tentacles for H.P. Lovecraft Fans
    These 7-inch long finger tentacles also glow in the dark. They are a tentacular costume accessory. (2016-05-29)

    Witches, Animals and Batman Top Adult Halloween Costume Choices for 2015
    Witches, animals and batman top adult Halloween costume choices for Halloween 2015. (2015-10-16)

    Princess and Batman Top Children's Halloween Costume Choices for 2015
    Princess and Batman costumes have led the list of children's costume choices for Halloween 2015. Other top costumes include superhero, animal, Frozen and Star Wars. (2015-10-15)

    Celebrities Get Creative With Their 2014 Halloween Costumes
    Celebrities got creative with their Halloween costumes this year. Heidi Klum's butterfly costume was outstanding. (2014-11-03)

    Disney Store Unveils 2014 Halloween Costumes
    The Disney Store has unveiled its Halloween costumes for 2014. They include Frozen, Disney Princess, Star Wars and more. (2014-10-10)

    Frozen, TMNT Among Children's Most Popular Halloween Costume Choices for 2014
    Frozen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are among the most popular costume choices among children for Halloween 2014. (2014-10-08)