Hammertime Flash Mob Hits Trendy L.A. Boutique

Posted on June 5, 2009

Hipsters are minding their own business buying skinny jeans at trendy L.A. store Live on Sunset when they are suddenly surrounded by a gold-lame wearing flash mob dancing the "Hammertime" song by M.C. Hammer. They're really good, too. When the song is finished, they make their speedy exit while the bemused shoppers stand their with their mouths open. Must be a bunch of tourists -- true Angelinos don't even blink an eye at stuff like this. Take a look:

The stunt was organized to promote the new show Hammertime. So what in the world is Hammertime? Here's the log line: "Hammertime follows the life of rapper and dancer MC Hammer, his wife of more than 23 years and their family of seven. The show takes an unprecedented look behind his larger-than-life personality and into his life as a devoted husband, father and business entrepreneur."

We do hope there will be lots of dancing in giant balloon pants.